My top 9 Health Service Discounts

Posted on 04 July 2020

My top 9 Health Service Discounts

This one is for all my wonderful NHS colleagues who have been stoic in the face of the unrelenting pandemic burden. Thankfully lots of people recognise these heroic efforts and put their money where their mouth is in the form of health service discounts. There are tonnes on the Health Service Discounts website, but there are so many it can be overwhelming to sift through, so here are my favourites.

1. Unlimited mobile data

This health service discount is a necessity for any clinicians running telehealth clinics. Networks including EE have committed to providing unlimited mobile data to NHS customers during the pandemic. Some internet providers have offers too. Check out the latest ones and how to claim them here.

2. EE Mobile - 20% off pay monthly

This includes you and up to 7 friends and family members. You can sign up people under your account to share the discount and share your data with them at a fraction of the cost. I managed to get myself and my family under the same account with effectively unlimited everything for under £50 per month total! Use your NHS email to register for discounts here then check out their latest deals here {affiliate}.

3. NHS Energy Switch - save £100s

After switching my family’s phone contract to EE I got on a buzz about utility bills and saving. There are lots of ways to do this including LookAfterMyBills {affiliate} and Switchd but for NHS staff this one looks through the compares the energy bill offers with Health Service Discounts. Check both to maximise savings.

4. Apple Store - 10% off

This came in handy when my laptop broke and I needed a new Macbook Pro. Apple products are expensive but their ease of use is unparalleled. Thankfully we get a health service discount. Access here.

5. AA Breakdown Cover - 50% off

Thankfully I have breakdown cover included with my Nationwide FlexPlus account. But if I didn’t this discount totally makes sense. Click here for this one.

6. Disney+ - 15% off

If you’re bored of Netflix and Amazon Prime, then this is a great alternative, including all the Marvel movies and shows. Here’s the link to more binge-worthy TV.

7. SIMBA - 40% off

I’ve written a lot on the importance of sleep, particularly for clinicians working night shifts. SIMBA has a huge discount for when you need a mattress upgrade. It’s not worth skimping on something you need every night that is so crucial for your energy levels. Click the link to upgrade your sleep.

8. Nando’s - 20% off

An old favourite. We all need a piri-piri pick-me-up now and then. Show staff your ID at the till to get this one.

9. Leon - 20% off

I always forget to use this one because it’s fast food. A relatively healthy option when you’re out and about. Plus I’m partial to a nata every now and then. Just show your NHS ID to staff at the counter.

If you want to join Health Service Discounts for regular updates on offers, ping me an email and I’ll refer you!

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