Life coaching services: but why

Posted on 18 March 2019

Life coaching services: but why

Most people are probably thinking “I don’t need life coaching services, I’ve been living my whole life!”. There’s a coach for everything nowadays. Diet, exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and the list goes on. Meditation experts are probably breathing coaches by now. It even stretches as far as life coaching services, as if someone knows the purpose of life and can tell you that.

Like everything else in this space it’s overwhelming and I totally get it. It just seems a bit odd sometimes that someone who has no idea about your life can tell you how to live. No one knows the unique stresses and strains of my day-to-day life: the long hours, the odd shift patterns, the inability to switch off because I run my own business, the unique relationships I have with food, the nuances of my family life. So how could they possibly tell me how to live better? I am the most experienced person on my life so surely I know best!

But here’s where I was wrong. The power of life coaching services is mostly in supporting you to reach your goals. My forays into coaching have been life, career and business-focussed. What I realised is that when I talk to my coach they are an objective third party with no emotional ties to my thoughts and actions. 99% of the value I derived from them was just having them act as a sounding board for all of my thoughts and their questions would help me derive the conclusions I needed. And where they have specific areas of expertise they can guide you in the right direction of appropriate resources. The best coaches listen first and only act when they can add value.

For me it’s helped me go from a highly-qualified doctor with a lack of direction due to disillusionment of how much I really helped people to an innovative thinker willing to invest effort in the treatments I believe can be of most value to patients. The same principles of life coaching services apply to how I want to work with clients at Hippocrates Lounge. There’s lots of advice out there for a healthy lifestyle; but I want to help you tease out what is really going to work for you as an individual, incorporating your unique beliefs and values. Without a guide you can easily be the blind leading the blind; with a coach you have someone to bounce ideas off of who has broader expertise in helping people with those goals. To those of you who have a healthy lifestyle all on your own, I applaud you; to those of you who need help to reach your goals, I am here if you need me.

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