Introducing Dr Dil: welcome to my blog on all things health

Posted on 06 January 2019

Introducing Dr Dil: welcome to my blog on all things health

Hi there,

I am Dr Dilraj Kalsi [you can call me ‘Dr Dil’]. Welcome to my blog. Here is where I share my thoughts on health and lifestyle [and sometimes a bit about healthcare more widely].

Back in 2015, a loved one of mine was unfortunately diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. As a medical student at the University of Oxford, unfortunately all my field could offer was long term medication and steroids during flare-ups. Motivated to avoid drugs, we looked into other options. We overhauled her lifestyle [including a strict version of the paleo diet] and sought advice from a Functional Medicine Nutritionist. Three weeks later, her symptoms had calmed right down. A year later, her blood tests were all completely normal. She was cured [rheumatoid arthritis is not meant to be curable].

It struck me that despite going to the top medical school in the world I had no idea about the power of lifestyle change in addressing the root causes of disease. So I trained in Functional Medicine [at the Institute of Functional Medicine’s Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice course in London, 2018] and founded Hippocrates’ Lounge so that I can support others in managing chronic illness.

I believe that how we eat, move, think, sleep and our relationships are fundamental to our health and can not only prevent but also cure chronic illness [I have seen it first hand]. In my weekly blog posts, I will explore various aspects of these lifestyle factors and how to improve them to optimise your health, as well as share some thoughts on how healthcare as a whole might harness Lifestyle Medicine to control our growing burden of chronic disease. On my instagram, I will share my day-to-day approaches to health [and hopefully you guys will keep me accountable too!].

So stay tuned and I hope you enjoy the journey!