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Sukh, Jaspal & Dr Dilraj Kalsi

Dr Dilraj Kalsi MA (Oxon) BMBCh

Co-Founder Lifestyle Doctor & Digital Health Expert

Dilraj [right] is a Doctor, Academic and Entrepreneur. He trained at the University of Oxford, the top medical school in the world, where he continues to publish with colleagues about Patient Empowerment. He is a Lecturer in Digital Health at the University of Warwick and uses Lifestyle Medicine to help patients reverse disease in his online clinic Hippocrates Lounge.

Shocked that 80% of health outcomes are due to health behaviors, socioeconomic background and physical environment, Dilraj is focused on Health at Work. Time and again, he has found that wellbeing programs lack the outcome metrics expected in the medical and business worlds. Using lifestyle, behavioral and digital health, he is ushering in a new era of Preventative Health Care.


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Sukh Kalsi MA (Oxon)

Co-Founder, Behavioural Coach, Techie

Sukh [left] has donned hats as a Management Consultant, Digital Product Manager and Peak Performance Coach. Educated at the University of Oxford, he thrives in fiercely competitive environments where performance is vital.

He has repeatedly observed that individuals and organisations seek performance at the expense of health. This adversarial perspective is short-termist, focused on hours worked rather than effectiveness and leads to burnout. Tracking his own mental, physical and emotional state, he developed habits which enable him to operate at his peak without sacrificing wellbeing. His core philosophy is that cultivating positive habits aligns health, happiness and performance.

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The Pivotal Story

We started this company to help organisations and their people be happier, healthier and more productive. Without a foundation of health, no human being will be their most effective nor will they find satisfaction in life.

A turning point for us was when our mother, Jaspal [middle], was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) in 2015. You may know that autoimmune conditions are typically managed using heavy immuno-suppressant and anti-inflammatory drugs. No cure is offered and the intention is to manage decline. By overhauling mum’s diet and lifestyle, however, her symptoms eased within weeks, without any drugs. After 12 months, all of her blood tests were normal and she was given the all clear. Her doctors claimed that she “never” had RA so this data was not captured in academic literature to inform future interventions.

RA is one of many chronic health conditions which may be adversely impacting individuals in your workforce right now. These people are not as happy, healthy or productive as they could be and want to be. Half of these people will have to give up work entirely in the next 5 years. And yet, a great deal can be done about it.